Components of VMware

One of the virtualization software is VMWare. The below are the components of VMware. VMware Components  such as VMware ESX Server,VMware Virtual Machile File System,VMware Virtual Symmetic Multi-Processing (SMP ) are very efficient. SiliconHouse offers stable cloud solutions.

Components of VMware

1. VMware ESX Server

This is the virtualization layer that runs on top of the physical servers that split processor,memory storage and networking resources and use it to run multiple virtual machines.

2. VMware Virtual Machile File System ( VMFS )

This is the high performance cluster file system for virtual machines

3. VMware Virtual Symmetic Multi-Processing (SMP )

This enables a single VM to use multiple physical processors at a time.

4. Virtual Center Management Server

This is the centre point for configuring and managing all the VM.

5. Virtual Infrastructure Client (VI Client)

This allows administrators and users to connect remotely to the Virtual Center MAnagement Server or individual ESX Server installations from any windows system.

6. Virtual Infrastructure Web Access

This is a web interface for VM management and remote consoles access

7. VMware VMotion

This enables the live migration of running VM from one physical server to another with zero downtime, continous service availability.

8. VMware High Availability

This is the cost effective high availability for applications running in VM. If any server failure, the affected VM are automatically restarted on other production servers that have space capacity

9. VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler ( DRS )

This allocates and balances computing capacity dynamically across collections of hardware resources for virtual machine

10. VMware Consolidated Backup

This is centralized facity for agent free backup of VM. It simplifies backup administration and reduces the load on ESX server installations

11. VMware Infrastructure SDK

It provides a standard interface for VMware and thirdparty solutions to access VMware infrastructure.


These VMware Components  are highly efficient to maintain site which have millions of hits.

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