Enterprise Cloudstack features

1.CloudStack empowers users to “serve themselves” – giving IT the opportunity to remove roadblocks from speedy service delivery and to focus on solving business problems.
2.CloudStack automates previously labor intensive tasks, helping to reduce IT operations costs and deliver services more quickly.
3.Allows IT to provide standardized workloads, which ensure consistency with application and service delivery.
4.Enhances visibility into resource allocation and the business usage of services.
5.Increases the server/admin ratio and delivers benefits of scale: Even if deployed globally!
6.Service Providers can offer virtualized hosting in an elastic cloud computing configuration
7.Enterprises can stage development, testing and production in a consistent way easing the development and publishing processes for applications
8.Web content providers can deploy scalable, elastic web infrastructure that can adapt to meet the demand of their readership
9.Software-as-a-Service providers can offer true multi-tenant software hosting while securing each user’s environments

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